Using CBI in ESP: The role of explicit instruction



ESP, CBI, genre analysis, move analysis, lexical bundles, feature article


The current paper investigated the results of year-long teaching of a journalistic genre implicitly using a CBI-based syllabus. The participants were 20 Japanese learners of English at a vocational college in Japan. The feature articles written by the students at the end of the school year were compared to those provided as high-quality examples. The data were analyzed qualitatively. The two corpora were compared regarding genre-specific moves and lexical bundles used. The results indicated that the lack of explicit ESP-related instruction led to the inability of the participants to produce a feature article. They also supported a cognitive apprenticeship approach to raise learners’ awareness of the learning process. In addition, the results suggested that using CBI in ESP can be beneficial when integrated with ESP-specific methods.


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Shirav, A. . (2023). Using CBI in ESP: The role of explicit instruction. International Journal of Language and Literary Studies, 5(3), 71–91.