“¿Qué sos, Nicaragua, para dolerme tanto?” Gioconda Belli and the Nicaraguan Cause”




Nicaragua, feminism, Sandinismo, revolution, politics, literature.


This article traces Gioconda Belli’s trajectory as a writer, feminist, and political activist. Belli, who is known as one of the organic intellectuals of the Nicaraguan Sandinista Revolution, has consistently used her platform as one of the most renowned contemporary Latin American writers to provide a voice that transcends national borders to the Nicaraguan cause since the early 1970s. Through the analysis of some of her most notable works, some of her contributions in the national and international press, as well as social media publications, we examine the way her many roles have informed each other over the years and accomplished a two-fold goal: on the one hand, she has documented and theorized on the recent history of Nicaragua, in addition to keeping those in power in check; on the other hand, she has become one of the foremothers of Nicaraguan feminism. As this article shows, not only has she crafted—both in writing and action— a roadmap for younger generations of women, but she has also documented and influenced the evolution of feminism in Nicaragua.


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Author Biography

Silvia RocaMartinez, The Citadel The Military College of South Carolina

Dr. Roca-Martínez is Associate Professor of Spanish at The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina (Charleston, South Carolina, United States). She has published articles in journals such as Chasqui, A Contracorriente or Cincinnati Romance Review and and has been a contributor in several edited volumes on Latin American literature, film, and culture.



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